science and engineering team

Welcome to the Science and Engineering Team!

This is a competitive team that will be made up of students that meet specific criteria.

The team will compete in a Lego Robotics competition sponsored by First Lego League.  We will also take part in the Science Olympiad.  They will design a project for eCybermission and STEAM Tank.  

We will also spend time preparing for next year's First Lego League Mission.

Contact Information
Mrs. Joanne Werner
Phone:  201-768-6061, Ext. 53374

Applying For Science and Engineering Team

DMS Science and Engineering Team

Program History and Description:

After last year's hiatus, Demarest Middle School will embark on its fifth year with a competitive engineering and science team.  In previous years our team competed in the First Lego League competition, the Science Olympiad, and STEAM tank.  Students will also be encouraged to work on independent projects to strengthen their skills in engineering.


The Science and Engineering Team is a competitive criteria driven program. This is a small program open to grades 6-8 that accommodates between 12-15 students. To participate in the program students must make a year long commitment and forego their Academic Enrichment classes. The application process will consider the following criteria in selecting students.  

  • Application: Students must complete their application via Google Form.  This includes answering the Thinking Questions, which should be an extended response.  The application link will be sent home to parents and students at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year.
  • Content Knowledge Test:  students will take a test to gauge content knowledge in various branches of science.
  • Grades:  Student grades will be analyzed in science, math, and STEM.
  • Recommendations:  Mrs. Werner will solicit recommendations from the previous year's science, math, and STEM teachers. 



Please direct any questions regarding the program to Mrs. Joanne Werner, 8th grade science teacher.